Our Story

Based out of Mumbai, Hariom Sweets makes traditional Indian desserts and snacks that are 100% pure and authentic. We started 30 years ago with a dream to serve quality sweets. From being a little shop to the choicest brand, we’ve come a long way. Our expansive menu encapsulates flavours across India. Today, our products have gained the trust of over 20000 plus families.

Started In 1995, Hariom became the choicest sweet store of its time. Our customer base was small and eventually expanded to a large number.

Today 30 years later the second generation experts have taken the front seat. The idea is to stay attuned to tradition and authenticity even in modern times.



Opened a small sweet shop on LT Road (Mulund), serving a limited customer base.

Factory Unit

Established a factory outlet in Rabale, Navi Mumbai, to cater the growing demand.

Expansion Phase

To cater to a wider audience, Hariom Sweets expanded it's presence by opening new branches in Neelam Nagar, Kalyan and Hanuman Chowk, strengthening it's reach and bringing the authentic flavors of India to more communities.

Food Court

Ventured into the realm of food courts as Hariom Food Court, diversifying our offerings.

Continuing The legacy

The Second Generation takes the reins of Hariom Sweets.

Hariom Sweets has expanded into the food court industry with Hariom Food Court, offeringa diverse menu that include Continental, Italian, Chinese and Tandoor items, & Kebabs. This expansion aligns with our commitment to bringing authentic Indian Flavours to a wider audience.

Our Mission


Hariom Sweets is on a mission to expand its reach to every nook and corner of India, so that customers from all regions of the country can enjoy their favorite sweets and snacks.

Here at Hariom, we are constantly innovating and introducing new products, while also maintaining the classics that have been loved by generations.

With a strong emphasis on quality, taste, and customer satisfaction, this sweets and snacks manufacturer in India is on a mission to bring the best of India's culinary heritage to your doorstep.

Our Vision


Hariom Sweets has a vision to make every Indian household taste the real flavours of India. So every family bonds over food and sweets.

We believe that food and sweets are not just about satisfying hunger or a craving, but also about bringing people together and strengthening bonds. And hence, our aim is to offer a wide variety of sweets and snacks that cater to the taste buds of every member of the family. From traditional sweets like rasgulla and gulab jamun to savory snacks like samosas and kachoris, the store has something for everyone.

Our Values


We are deeply rooted in love and empathy for both their customers and employees. We strive to create an amicable environment for our team, where they can bring their best selves to work and provide exceptional service to our customers.At Hariom Sweets, we value open communication, transparency, honesty, and diversity, and believe that these values are essential for building strong and meaningful relationships with customers and employees alike.